When Lisa Thompson found out that she had contracted herpes from her long term boyfriend of three years, she was as mad as any woman in her situation could be. She thought Bill was going to be the man she was going to marry, in fact they often talked about getting married soon and starting a family. But when she had her first embarrassing outbreak of herpes and the itching, scratching and pain that went with it, she realized that she needed to see a doctor…

“That’s when I first found out that I’m HSV-2 positive, my world came crashing down, not only did this mean that I now had to live potentially permanently with herpes, but it also meant that my boyfriend had been cheating on me!” 

That’s when she came up with her plan for getting revenge on Bill. Since Lisa works as a Public Relations Specialist she decided that the best way to get revenge would be to go online and make sure everyone knew that Bill was a cheater and had STD’s. She posted messages on her Facebook profile, she even created PR news stories bad mouthing her now ex boyfriend.

But unfortunately, although revenge can be sweet, she also quickly found out that it didn’t do anything to relieve her of herpes, and now as she was about to re enter the dating scene she realized that she was “tainted” for life with this STD.

Her doctor had told her that there was no cure for the virus, but Lisa decided to go online and do some research for herself. That’s when she stumbled on this video that told her there was a natural cleanse that could actually completely eradicate the herpes virus permanently. She was skeptical of course, but decided at this point she had nothing to lose by trying it out.

She followed the method detailed in the video and amazingly she was almost instantly relieved of her herpes symptoms. No more uncontrollable itching and scratching. Even more shocking was when she went back to her doctor and asked him to test her for herpes again… He was astonished when he got back the negative results, she had eliminated her herpes virus by following the method in this video.

Lisa is now in a new relationship and says she doesn’t miss or think about Bill at all.

Looking for more info on the natural method Lisa used to eliminate her herpes? Watch this video while it’s still online.



































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