New reports are showing that drivers have been overpaying for car insurance, and now they are trying to set the record straight.

Consumer beware – this is the one truth that car insurance companies thought that you’d never find out.

Did you know that you could be qualified to get get an extremely high discount if you drive less than 50 miles per day and live in a qualified zip code? I bet not… which is exactly what the car insurance companies hoped.

Until recently, there was never any sort of site that would compare all of the major car insurance companies the same way you could compare flights like Travelocity or Priceline. Drivers would have to do all of the hard work on their own just to try and save money. Thankfully, that all ended when the company Insurance.Comparisons launched.

When drivers visit the Insurance.Comparisons official site the results can be extremely shocking. In fact, we weren’t surprised when we got questions from our readers asking if these types of rates are actually possible. We found many drivers saying that it‘s possible to save more than 60% on their car insurance costs while some mentioned they saw rates low as $9/week due to these new insurance policy changes. When we first heard about about this, we decided to find out if it was really possible.

After pouring through mounds of research to see if these types of comparison services were possible, the results were very exciting. Our team discovered that not only were these claims true, but some drivers actually ended up saving over $400 a year when compared to what they were previously paying. They also found that many other people are indeed able to save similar amounts.

So, what exactly is the “One Simple Rule” you need to follow?

Its simple. Don’t even think about buying insurance without first comparing all the discount quotes from an unbiased source. So this begs the question – are you being scammed by your insurance agent? After scouring the internet we saw that for years, many drivers have been overcharged for their insurance!


Tip – Even if you prepaid any of your car insurance policy, that doesn’t mean you lose the money if you switch companies. Every insurance company is required to return any of the unused portion.

What most people don’t realize is an insurance agent typically makes money off of the policies they sell, so if they are able to sell a higher premium, they are able to also make more money for themselves. Thankfully, smart drivers have found out how to drastically cut their insurance bill by using online tools to get unbiased quotes.

Since drivers end up saving a huge amount of money, it’s no wonder services such as these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that Easy Auto Quotes™ is one of the most reliable, trusted services and highly effective tools to provide consumers with low rates.

We would like to take the time and thank Insurance.Comparisons for providing such an amazing free service with an honest effort to saving money for families across America.

Want To Save Money With Easy Auto Quotes? Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Click your state on the map below to instantly check your zip code for free

Step 2: Once you enter your zip code and enter your driving info, you will be able to see all of the discounted quotes from all of the top carriers! It’s really that easy!


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